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The Life Cycle of Businesses

It has been said that businesses have a life cycle similar to that of humans, and that this life cycle lasts for approximately 30 years. Nowadays, facing an unstable environment, companies are required to undergo changes. Sometimes, a growing company will suddenly encounter a downturn. During this time, an accounting firm will be needed to oversee all aspects of the company, and provide support in order for the company to continue operations.
Growth support is required during the growth phase. Conversely, the regrowth phase involves regrowth and M&A support for the continuation of business activities. This support should be tailored to and respond to the current company situation, and services should be quickly furnished.
BE1 will provide tailored services efficiently and effectively.


Startup Company Disclosure Support:

For startup companies, prerequisites for IPO include activities such as business planning and capital planning. Many startup companies lack an internal control system. In order to go public, these startups must create such a system. Due to changes in the economic activity of businesses, changes in corporate accounting regulations have drastically accelerated, and ensuring that businesses and their stakeholders are held accountable has become increasingly more important.

Fundraising Support:

It is not always the case that businesses have the intention or ability to offer a stock IPO to fulfill their capital needs.
BE1 believes that the most important mission of our clients involves the continuation of their businesses. In order to achieve this, we will provide support for the transformation of our clients' ideas into funds via the preparation of business plans.

M&A Consulting:

During M&A, it is important to gain an understanding of the actual condition of the company to be acquired. In many cases, due diligence is performed for the business, legal, and financial aspects of the target company.

In addition, a third-party company or organization is required to perform a valuation of the company or business to be acquired.

BE1 provides support for M&A through services such as financial due diligence and valuation.

Reorganization Support:

Reorganization occurs depending on the company's current situation. Large companies utilize strategic reasoning in order to decide the best methods to employ in continuing their normal business activities, and remain competitive on a global scale. On the other hand, under company inheritance circumstances for small to midsize companies, the new management may consider utilizing reorganization as a method to improve the company. In order to smoothly execute activities, the company should understand accounting and corporate law, as well as the legal disclosure rules of the securities market under Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. Therefore, it may be essential to appoint an external advisor.

BE1 serves as accounting and tax professionals, and we will provide support for our clients' business.

Rehabilitation Support:

Business rehabilitation activities involve the clarification of the business's true current situation, performing a business valuation, and preparing a business rehabilitation plan.
As BE1, we provide support for business rehabilitation affairs including the production of accurate financial information.