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Our Mission


Our Mission

In short, our business mission involves the utilization of financial figures as strategic tools in responding to and satisfying the needs of each individual client through the consultation services that we offer.

Currently, the corporate environment is undergoing globalization and a complex evolution. Corresponding to these changes, corporate accounting and taxes are currently advanced as well as specialized and internationalized.

Regardless of their scale and industry, companies need to undergo changes in response to their environment. In order to continue their regular operations, companies need to take into account external factors and consider these from a strategic point of view.

In this kind of environment, our mission as a specialized accounting and tax group is to provide accurate and timely support that caters to the varied needs of our customers.

As BE1, we wish to take great care in forming quality connections with our clients as well as our society. We would like to continue our growth in this aspect of our business.


Our Company Name

Our name "BE1" consists of three ideas:

【Create Together】

Together (becoming one) with our clients, we will collaborate to discover a solution to their problems.


From providing the best (No. 1) service to our clients, we believe that we can achieve continuous growth.

【Initial Resolution】

Deriving our company name "BE1" from our initial place of establishment, Aoyama (Blue Mountain) 1-chome, we will never forget our initial resolution as stated above, and endeavor ourselves to contribute to our clients' and society's growth, as well as achieve growth ourselves.

We at BE1 will never forget our [Initial Resolution] to [Create Together] with our clients, and [Growth] with our clients.